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How to plan your day working from home

How To Plan Your Day Working From Home

Do you work from home? Do you have a home office? If so, this information guide will show you how to plan your day working from home. The way you plan your day can make or break how successful it is, you need to be organised and efficient with your time if you’re going to get everything done that needs to be accomplished.

Forward Planning

Before starting your desk work plan out the work you need to cover throughout the day and then allocate blocks of time for each task. You’ll find that it’s much easier to do this in the morning when you’re not yet distracted by any other work, and before your day gets busy.

The night before is a great time to create a plan for the next day. This means figuring out what needs to get done and when, so that you can start your work with as much focus on the right things at the right time.

To avoid distractions, try shutting off any notifications or message apps on your phone – this will help keep you focused on what work you need to get done.

Try not to carry out too many tasks at once – you never know when something might take more time than expected, and it’s hard to balance a lot of different things at the same time. Instead, focus on one or two important projects for the day in order to ensure that they are completed by the end of the workday.

forward planning working from home

Make sure you have a comfortable chair

Having a comfortable chair to sit in when working at a desk is important. If you’re uncomfortable, or your chair doesn’t have lumbar support and armrests, then it can lead to pain in the back and arms that will eventually get so bad that it affects productivity.

A chair with wheels is the best option, as they’re easy to move around and can be moved closer to the desk when needed.

Fully adjustable desk chairs are also a great option, as they can be adjusted to suit your body type and working posture.

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A comfortable chair with a headrest is also important for those who spend many hours sitting at their desks every day. The best way to ensure that you have the right posture when using this kind of chair is by placing it so that there’s a space between yourself and the desk, also sit in an upright position and make sure that the backrest is in line with your lower spine.

The type of desk chair you need will depend on what kind of work you’re doing, as well as how long and for how many hours per day, it takes place.

Create a space that is conducive to work

Whatever your working day consists of having enough space to carry out the work comfortably is important. If you’re shuffling papers or moving things from one side of the room to another then clutter can become a distraction and slow down your working day.

Having a large enough desk for your workload will really benefit you. Working in too small a space can lead to cramps, neck pain, and headaches.

The office should be clean and clutter-free so that you’re able to focus on the work at hand without being distracted by a mess.

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Set up your desk with all the necessary tools for the day's tasks

Whatever project you are working on at your desk forward planning will really help keep you focused and on task. The next time you’re working on your project, take the time to map out what needs to be done and what tools are required then set up your workspace accordingly.

It can really help to have all of the necessary tools for completing tasks within easy reach – whether it is on top of or underneath your desk – so that you don’t need to spend unnecessary time away from your work searching for them.

Research has found that even small interruptions cause us mental fatigue which inevitably leads to mistakes being made later.

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Plan Regular Breaks

It is so easy to get engaged with your work that remembering to take regular breaks is forgotten, but it is essential for productivity.

Create a timer to remind you of your break period and make sure that the breaks are long enough so that they can be effective in keeping alert and focused. Research has found that breaks should last between five to fifteen minutes, which allows our brains to rest so we can return to work refreshed.

It’s also important not just when working from home but in general, to have regular downtime throughout the day – whether it is getting away from screens or reading some fiction or non-fiction literature. After all, creativity comes from divergent thinking which means stepping outside one’s own boundaries as well as being open minded!

Keep yourself hydrated and energised

Keeping yourself hydrated and energised can be a challenge when working from home. Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand, like nuts and fruit for energy boosts as well as water to keep your body hydrated during the day.

As mentioned above regular breaks will help keep you focused, and regular drinks and healthy snacks will keep you energised helping you to be more productive throughout your working day.

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Planning your day when working in a home office can really help you with productivity by following a few simple things.

  • Forward Planning to help keep you focused on the tasks you need to do.
  • A comfortable chair to help reduce fatigue and pain.
  • Creating work space so that you are not distracted with clutter.
  • Setting up your desk tools so everything required is at hand.
  • Planning regular breaks to stay alert and focused.
  • keeping hydrated and energised with drinks and healthy snacks to ensure you have energy to be productive when working

These few simple steps will really be beneficial when working in a home office environment, and help you to achieve a successful day’s work.

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