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Building Flat Pack Furniture Information Guide

Building Flat Pack Furniture Guide

Firstly are you looking for inspiration when building flat pack furniture? If so then this article is perfect for you!

Why Do Companies Ship Flat Pack Furniture

shipping flat pack furniture

The term flat pack furniture is when a furniture manufacturer sends an item of furniture to its customer unassembled, this means that the customer has to build their item before they can use it.

The reason companies do this is simply to keep the price of an item at an affordable price for the end-user.

Many items of furniture are sent this way to customers all over the world.

The manufacturing companies can reduce the shipping costs of a product by sending a much smaller package via a courier than if the item of furniture was prebuilt.

Companies can also keep production costs to a minimum by not having to assemble large items or store them before distribution.

By producing flat pack furniture the manufacturing company creates a win-win situation, they save money in manufacturing and shipping costs allowing them to keep the price affordable for customers.


What Do I Recieve In My Flat Pack Furniture Box?

building flat pack furniture what's in box

When a customer receives their flat pack furniture box, it will contain everything required to assemble the piece of furniture.

Here is a list of some of the items usually contained in a flat pack furniture box.

  • Instruction sheet (step-by-step assembly).
  • All panels for the piece of furniture.
  • The correct quantity of Screw, Nuts, and Bolts.
  • Panel pins & dowels.
  • Trim and knobs for drawers etc.
  • Some companies provide basic tools and glue.

Tools You May Require

building flat pack furniture tools

Before starting to assemble a piece of flat pack furniture make sure you have all the required tools before starting the project, without the correct tools your furniture could get damaged in the process leading to disappointment.

Here is a list of tools you may need.

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen key
  • Stanley Knife
  • Hammer
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Scissors

With larger pieces of furniture, a cordless drill with a screwdriver bit inserted can help you when inserting lots of screws, this will save the palm of your hand from becoming sore using a standard type screwdriver, be careful not to overtighten the screws plus make sure you are using the correct length screw explained in your instructions. 

Building Flat Pack Furniture Tips & Tricks

building flat pack furniture tips

When you are ready to start building flat pack furniture there are some things you need to do first.

  1. Study the instructions and make sure you have the ability to assemble the item.
  2. Ensure all parts are in the box, there is usually a list of parts on the instructions paperwork or on a separate sheet of paper.
  3. Sort all the pieces including any screws, dowels, nuts, and bolts into their different sizes, place them somewhere easy to locate but not in the way of your furniture build.
  4. Always follow the instructions step by step or you may get into difficulty later in the project.
  5. If using dowels I would recommend using a small amount of wood glue when inserting them into the relevant holes on assembly this will give your piece of furniture more strength.
  6. Push dowels in firmly but do not hit with a hammer as this could split your panels.
  7. Always ensure before joining 2 panels together that they are the correct way around, see the instruction plan and look at the relevant hole positions, ensure you are not using a right-hand side panel on the left for example.
  8. When inserting screws ensure they are the correct length for the panel you are working on, usually the instructions will have them labeled A, B, C, etc representing their different types and lengths.
  9. I would recommend 2 people to build a larger item of furniture, quite often it is easier if you have someone to hold panels as you put connect them together, and sometimes two heads are better than one when it comes to following detailed instructions.
  10. Do not try to rush building flat pack furniture, take your time to get it right, and then you can enjoy your lovely new item of furniture.


Flat pack furniture allows companies to keep their costs down and make products less expensive for customers.

It is important to study any instructions carefully before building flat pack furniture.

Making sure you have all the correct tools before beginning to assemble flat pack furniture will make the process easier.

Larger pieces of furniture will require two people to make the job much easier building flat pack furniture.

It is important to ensure all the pieces required are included within the box by checking them and laying them out before starting to build flat pack furniture.

I hope you found this article “building flat pack furniture” useful if you have had any experience building your own flat-packed furniture leave a comment below and tell us all about it. 

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