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Treadmill Desk Attachment Work While You Run!

Running is a great way to stay healthy, but it can be hard to fit in exercise during the day, one option is to use your treadmill as a desk and work while you run!

Desks For Home introduces you to a high-quality treadmill desk attachment for home use that is perfect for this situation. With this product, you’ll never have an excuse not to workout again!


Why Use A Treadmill Desk Attachment?

Imagine having the freedom to walk and work at the same time. With this innovative new product, you can burn calories while working on your computer. It’s simple to use and easy to set up so that you can start walking and working right away!

The Treadmill Desk Attachment is an affordable way to get in shape during your workday without sacrificing productivity or comfort. This revolutionary device allows users to walk while they work, increasing their energy levels and improving their overall health.

The treadmill desk attachment also allows you to walk slowly while typing or watching videos on your laptop, take a Skype call or conference call while you exercise.

Recommended For Fitness

Ollieroo Treadmill Desk Attachment, Treadmill Laptop Holder,...
  • - TREADMILL DESK SETUP: Create a treadmill desk setup to use your laptop, Macbooks, iPads, and tablets while working out and exercising. If you use a laptop or tablet on a regular basis, (Checking on...
  • - Adjustable Height: There is 4 kind of heights for you to choose, you can raise the laptop to eye level
  • - PROTECTIVE STOP BLOCK DESIGN: The item comes with a protective stop block design at the bottom of the holder which can prevent the laptop computer ipad or book from slipping off. HOLDER SIZE:...
  • - More features:The Ollieroo Treadmill Laptop Holder lets you raise your laptop for easier use of the keyboard and screen, rest your phone in the secure phone holder, take advantage of the included...
  • - EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION: Quick and humanized installation process that takes a few minutes, just using the 2 included adjustable Velcro straps to fasten the laptop holder to your treadmill. And it...

Benefits Of a Treadmill Desk Attachment

  • Keeping fit while working
  • Relieve boredom when walking or running
  • Watch videos for entertainment when exercising
  • Keep up to date with social media on your treadmill
  • Take a conference call with Zoom, Skype, or Facetime without disrupting your workout



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Pros vs Cons


  • Work while you exercise
  • adjustable to fit most treadmills
  • protective block design for laptop safety
  • adjustable height angle for laptop
  • mouse mat for easy use


  • will only fit across handrails
  • the laptop can block easy use of treadmill computer controls


This treadmill laptop attachment is a great idea for a busy on-the-go person.

A perfect way to exercise without boredom, allowing you to work, read social media, watch videos, or even take a conference call.

A great concept for working from home but still maintain regular fitness without disrupting your working day.

This adjustable desk can also be used as a lap desk in its closed position.

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