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Computer Chair Mat Benefits In a Home Office

At Desks For Home, we know that a computer chair mat can be the difference between an uncomfortable working environment and one that is productive. Your home office desk may not have the right kind of rug to keep you comfortable, but luckily there are options for everyone’s needs when it comes to finding the perfect workstation flooring.

Why Use a computer chair mat?

A mat is a great way to protect your floor and chair while you work. You can avoid the wear and tear that comes with using your office chair on carpet, hardwood, or tile floors. By putting one of these under your feet. This will help keep dirt, water, dust, pet hair, and other debris from getting tracked into the carpeted areas of your home or office space.

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Our Top 5 Computer Chair Mats

A computer chair mat provides amazing protection for your home office floor and can also protect the chair itself by allowing it to move easily on the flooring surface, which in turn makes working at a desk more comfortable by giving you full control when positioning yourself at the desk.

The five selections below are chosen by us due to their quality and useability when working at a desk.

1. Giovara Clear Computer Chair Mat For Hard Floors

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This mat is a perfect choice for hard floors, it will protect your flooring from damage that the chair’s casters can cause to your floor.

The mat has a guarantee not to crack, chip, break or discolor.

This computer chair mat is also odorless, dirt-resistant, and is sound-absorbing.

The shape of the mat enables protection under the desk area where your feet will be positioned again protecting your hard floor surface from scratches and scrapes.

2. Dawsons Computer Chair Mat For Carpeted Floor

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This mat is a great choice for protecting a carpeted floor from your computer chair wheels, it is designed for use on a short pile carpet.

The beauty of this carpet protector is that it is shipped unrolled so you do not have to worry about flattening it out before use.

With its non-slip protection feature, you will be able to work comfortably at your desk. 

3. Homek Computer Chair Mat For Hard Floors

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The Homek chair mat is very stylish and is available in red or blue. A perfect choice for a gaming desk or work desk in a modern Hi-Tech room.

The chair mat is anti-slip with noise suppression and easy glide functionality.

A very durable mat with anti fraying edges which are sewn for strength, another great feature of this mat is it can be washed without any worry.

4. Homek Chair Mat For Hard Floor Or Short Pile Carpet

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The Homek desk chair mat is a great solution for the home office. The mat has a risen footrest for your feet which is really comfortable.

The mat features a 1.5cm core of NBR memory foam which reduces stress and fatigue while sitting or standing in a home office environment.

Quality assured safe non-toxic and eco-friendly, odorless, no BPA, phthalate-free for a healthy indoor desk chair solution.

5. INMOZATA Office Chair Mat For Carpet Floor

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A perfect choice computer chair mat for carpet flooring, a non-slip transparent PVC with a spiked base that firmly holds the mat in place.

Easy to clean surface which is smooth allowing easy movement when working at your desk.

Perfect protection for carpet flooring from the castors on your computer desk chair.


If you have a home office, then you know how important it is to protect your floor from the damage caused by your desk chair.

A good mat can help prevent scratches and scuffs that come with constant use of a computer chair on hardwood floors or tile. It’s also very easy to clean and will keep your floor looking new for years to come.

The best way to protect your wood floors is by using an anti-fatigue mat like the ones we have selected here. These mats are made of high-quality materials and are designed specifically for protecting hardwood floors or carpets against damage caused by chairs. They’re great for any room in the house where there’s a need to use a desk chair, kitchens, bedrooms, dens & basements as well as home offices!

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