Best Home Office Desk Lamps

Best Home Office Desk Lamps

Firstly if you are looking for the best home office desk lamps this article is perfect for you!

Finding the right type of desk lamp for your needs can be tricky so we have a great selection to inspire you in deciding the right type of lamp for you.

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Benefits of having a desk lamp

Desk lamps have some real benefits especially if you work at a desk for long periods, ambient light will reduce eye strain which in turn helps you to maintain concentration whilst doing your work.

It is important to have adequate lighting while you work so a desk lamp will certainly tick all the boxes when it comes to lighting up your desk area.

Many households have a desk in a lounge especially if your home doesn’t have enough rooms for a dedicated home office, you may be working at your desk when the family is watching TV or playing games. A desk lamp will light up your desk area without lighting up a whole room distracting others.

Desk lamps can also be energy-saving especially if you choose an LED desk lamp or use a low energy bulb.

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes some have a solid lamp base, others can be angle poised or even bendy, this is why having the correct type of desk lamp for your needs can be of most benefit to you.

Different Types Of Desk Lamps

Types of Desk Lamps

LED Angle Poised Clamp Style Desk Lamp

This angle poised desk lamp clamps to the side of a desk. it is a great design and can be positioned almost anywhere you want it, on the left or right-hand side of a desk.

This lamp requires a deep edge to clamp too on a desk, so it would not be a good choice if you don’t have that option. If you do! then this is a great option for you.

LED energy-saving light which has 10 brightness levels, and 3 lighting modes, the desk lamp is also fully adjustable via its swing arm and adjustable height options.

LED Flexible Gooseneck Style Desk Lamp

This LED desk lamp is a sleek cool looking lamp that features a flexible gooseneck stem allowing you to position the light anywhere you want it, it has 3 colour temperatures and adjustable brightness levels, this feature is really useful as you can have it brighter for reading documents or lower for general work such as working on a laptop or desktop PC. The desk lamp also has touch control and memory function capabilities. Class A energy rating from its 9w LED lamp allows you to work at a very low cost.

An overall great design with lots of functionality.

Swing Arm Retro Style Desk Lamp

This retro-style LED desk lamp features a fully adjustable swing arm allowing you to position the lamp easily onto your work area.

Although its looks are retro its efficiency is not, it has an A-class energy rating saving you money on your electricity bills.

The lamp’s hood is designed to provide maximum light to your desk’s work area. So if a retro look is what you are after this lamp would be a great choice for your office desk.

Elegant Bankers Style Desk Lamp

If elegant is what you are looking for then this desk lamp has tons of it! perfect if you want to have a classy-looking lamp to grace your home office desk.

The desk lamp has a glass shade and a pull switch chain on/off. The lamp is LED and only 4W so will be very efficient when it comes to electricity.

Its antique styling will make it look stunning on your desk if you have antique decor.

Ultra Modern Wireless Folding Desk Lamp

This very modern design desk lamp is wireless allowing you to easily move it around your desktop.

The lamp is LED and is rechargeable via a USB Connection, so if you use your desk for a laptop or PC this is a great option.

The lamp can be folded into many positions and has 3 brightness modes.

Totally portable allowing you to use this desk lamp all over your home with ease.

A great choice for a modern office desk.

Modern Style Desk Lamp With Built-In USB Charger

This modern design desk lamp has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern lamp. It has a wireless charging point for a mobile phone and also a USB charging port.

The lamp itself has an adjustable design allowing you to move the light head up and down 225° flexible arm and a 90° bottom axis for easy positioning of light.

This is a great choice of desk lamp for a busy modern home office desk.

The Power of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the number one option when it comes to modern desk lamps, an LED light emits bright and clear light in one direction which allows you to direct light easily where you need it.

The light is much better for your eyes than older desk lamps with old-style bulbs, the light is much similar to daylight.

Most LED lights can be easily controlled enabling you to dim the light required or even change the colour or tone of the light for a comfortable working light.

An LED light is brighter more efficient and more controllable than a conventional bulb, LED is good for your eyes and also good for your pocket.

The best home office desk lamps are LED we would recommend them when working at your desk.


  • There are many different types of desk lamps.
  • Working at a desk using a desk lamp is good for your eyes.
  • LED Lighting is more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Protecting your eyes using a desk lamp will help you work more effectively.

We hope you found this buyer guide “Best Home Office Desk Lamps” useful. If you use a desk lamp when working and would like to tell us about your experiences please leave a comment below.

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