Large corner desk UK product review

Large Corner Desk UK Product Review

When it comes to desks, there are many different types available in the market. These include a small corner desk, a large corner desk, or an L-shaped desk. What you need to decide is what type of workstation you want for your home office or study room. If you have a lot of space in your house then I would recommend that you get a large corner desk so that you can use this area as an open workspace where one side will be used for accessorizing and storage while the other side will be left empty for working on projects at ease.

The large corner desk UK product review we are going to look at is the Maestro 25 ergonomic desk with 3 drawers.

Maestro 25 Large Corner Desk

Great Design

Modern and minimal, The Maestro 25 large corner desk is there when you need it. It has a sturdy upright leg frame that will last through years of the daily grind. The powder-coated underframe paired with a melamine surface on the desk ensures stability and style in this great commercial quality office furniture product. With 3 drawers, it always helps to keep things quick, the Maestro 25 can support all your needs at home or work.

The three drawers comprising of two storage drawers and a file drawer, these are lockable for the security of your work files and stationary.

The Maestro 25 large corner desk is a great choice for those looking to maximize space in their home office. With the ability of this product, you can have an open workspace where one side will be used as accessorizing and storage while leaving the other empty so that it’s easier working on projects at ease with plenty of room around your workstation without feeling cramped or boxed-in by furniture pieces surrounding them from all sides like some desks do when they’re too small! The drawers are also perfect because if there isn’t enough flooring area available then these provide more than ample extra surface areas which means less time spent searching through piles just trying to find what project is needed next (which wastes precious minutes).

The Corner desk is available in 3 sizes 1400, 1600, and 1800 and is also available in 4 different colours Walnut, Beech, Oak and White perfect to fit into your home office colour scheme.



  • Plenty of space for working without feeling cramped
  • Drawers provide more than ample extra storage
  • Available in various sizes
  • Available in various colours
  • Self-assembly is required
  • The drawer unit is assembled but handles do need attaching

Overall I would say if you are looking for a robust large corner desk with drawer storage, the Maestro 25 is a great option.

Mr Office Furniture Ltd Maestro 25 right hand ergonomic desk, white frame – with desk high...
  • Desk: H725mm x choice of widths x D1200 (L800 R600). Desk supplied flat packed for easy self assembly, pedestal supplied assembled
  • Separate desk high end pedestal: H725 x W426 x D600 on 600mm end with two shallow drawers and one filing drawer which accepts A4 and foolscap files. Pedestal supplied assembled
  • Overall size: H725 x choice of widths x D1626. Desktops available in beech, maple, oak, white and walnut with matching desk high pedestal
  • Double upright cantilever frame with feet levellers. 10 year warranty. Ergonomic desktops with cantilever frame and full leg return. Ideal to fit into corners or cluster together to maximise office...
  • Delivery: Mainland UK only, excluding islands & highlands

Maestro 25 Corner Desk Left Hand Version

This large corner desk is also available in a left-hand version which is great if your home office requires it, just like the right-hand version above it has size and colour options that will fit perfectly into your home decor.

Are Corner Desks Better?

Corner desks are a great way to create a small office space in your home. They provide plenty of desk space and leave room for other furniture, such as bookcases or shelving units. Corner desks also offer the option of adding a hutch, which can be used to store books or additional electronics.

Using a corner desk in a large room out of a corner can create an office area almost like a barrier to the rest of the room which can look stylish and really show off the fact that this is your office area.

However, there are some drawbacks that you should consider before making this investment.

Corner Desk Disadvantages

The first disadvantage is that corner desks are not as easy to move. If you plan on moving your home office frequently, this may be a deal-breaker for you.

Corner desks are designed to fit into a corner, which means that they take up two walls. This can limit your ability to move furniture around the office space, and may not leave enough room for a filing cabinet or bookcase.

The final drawback is that corner desks are generally more expensive than other types of desks.

large corner desk

Corner desk benefits

A corner desk will give you plenty of work area. They are large, so you can spread out and keep your materials in different sections.

A corner desk is also a great option if you use two monitors or more. Corner desks are designed for multiple monitors to be placed side-by-side.

A corner desk can help if you have lots of documents that need sorting on your desktop.

Corner desks are also perfect if you have a lot of accessories such as a desk lamp or pot plant. They allow for more space to work with, and this will give your office the look of being very modernistic.

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I hope you found this product review “Large corner desk UK product review” useful a stylish corner desk that would look great in any home office.

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