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Desk screens for small offices or a home office

Desk Screens for Small Offices and Home Offices: Noise Reduction and Germ Prevention

When you’re working in a small office, desk screens can be a great way to reduce noise and keep germs at bay. By using desk screens, you can create a partition between yourself and your colleagues, which will help to block out noise and keep the area more private. Desk screens can also be used to prevent the spread of germs. If you’re working from home, desk screens can be a great way to create some privacy and keep your work area separate from the rest of the house. There are many different types of desk screens available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best desk screens for small offices and home offices.

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Why Use Desk Screens in a Small Office Environment?

Desk screens are a great way to create some privacy in a small office environment. They can be used to block out noise and keep germs at bay, making them perfect for those who work from home or in an open plan office space. There are many different types of desk screens available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your requirements.

Over recent years a desk screen has become more popular in the workplace and in a home office environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic highlighted a need for better hygiene and privacy in the workplace, desk screens offer both of these features.

Another use for a desk screen is to reduce noise levels in a busy environment. This is especially useful for those who work in an open-plan office space, as desk screens can help to create some privacy and cut down on distractions from nearby colleagues.

Types Of Desk Screens

Perspex Desk Screens

The perspex desk screen is a clear desk screen allowing you to still communicate with colleagues while working, they provide protection but do not block your vision allowing you to interact more easily with work colleagues or clients.

Here are some examples of the best perspex desk screens for a small office:

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LafaVida Desk Screen

This type of desk screen is perfect if you meet clients within an office, it allows you to easily communicate with people but provides protection from coughs or sneezes while working.

The simple but effective design is freestanding so it can be easily set up or removed very quickly!

The surface area can be easily cleaned for reuse between different clients ensuring adequate protection for you and the people who visit your office environment.

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Tamstar Desk Screen Divider

This type of desk screen provides side protection and uses a simple clamp to fit the screen easily to the edge of a desk.

The screen is useful if you work alongside a colleague within an office space.

The screen can be cleaned easily and is a more permanent solution for adding screens to desks in various mounting positions. 

Acoustic Desk Screens

The acoustic desk screens offer a sound reduction which will help reduce noise levels in an open plan office space. They also come in different colours and can be used as a partition between desks within an office environment.

This type of screen is very useful for desk areas that may have two telephone lines allowing each office worker to hear conversations easily within their own workspace.

Here are some examples of the best acoustic desk screens for a small office:

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ReFocus Acoustic Desk Screen

This very simple but effective desk screen can be easily clamped to a desk to reduce noise levels when working.

It reduces noise and visual distractions and can be mounted on the side of the desk or on the back edge of a desk to form an acoustic barrier.

This type of desk screen allows you to add multiple screens and position them all-around a desk space if required.

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Acoustic Desk Screen with Windows

This Medworx Pop-Up desk screen is perfect for reducing noise when working at a desk, made from environmentally friendly materials it allows you to see through the screen as well as reduce office noise.

A lightweight and easy-to-install design with extra deep side panels.

The screen incorporates multiple large clear windows which are very easy to clean, the screen will fit a range of standard sized desks.

Office Room and Desk Dividing Screen

Room dividing screens are perfect for small offices that need to section off different areas. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Room dividing screens can be used to create private office spaces, meeting rooms, or even just to separate desk areas.

When working from home it is not always practical to have a separate room for an office so a room divider will allow you to section a small area for your desk and office equipment.

A room dividing screen will create a barrier to dampen noise from both sides so that you can work more easily, but also you won’t disturb other members of the household.

Here are some examples of the best room dividing screens for a home office:

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Office Folding Screen

This 3-panel office screen can be easily positioned anywhere within an office to separate desks, form a barrier within the room to section off an office area, or block unwanted noise or distractions allowing you to work comfortably at your desk.

It is freestanding and easy to install within an office, fast positioning to reduce glare from windows or to get some privacy when working.

This screen is also available in 4 different colours black, white, grey and brown.

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Office Partition Screen

This single office partition screen is great for a small office and is very easy to install and move around the office.

Manufactured using looped nylon fabric and available in a wide range of attractive colours these useful Screens are both pin and hook tape friendly.

Steel support feet are supplied with all office screens as standard. Not only do these feet provide the necessary stability for the screen but they also allow you to raise the screen by 70mm if required

Are Desk Screens Easy To Install?

Most desk screens are very easy to install, some are free-standing and can be positioned quickly because of the feet attached to the screen. Others use small desk clamps for a more permanent fixture making them less likely to move but are still easily installed in a matter of minutes.

Cleaning a Desk Screen

It is necessary to clean a desk screen regularly, desk screens can be wiped down easily with a soft cloth and disinfectant.

Desk screens are usually made from plastic or Perspex, which is easy to clean so keeping them hygienic should not take long at all.

Ensure that you wear gloves when cleaning the screen so that you don’t spread any germs to other people in the office by coming into contact with any germs on the screen.

Improve Concentration Using a Desk Screen

When you are working in a busy office environment it can be difficult to concentrate, desk screens will help to block out some of the noise and give you more privacy.

If you work from home desk screens allow you to create an area where your children and pets cannot disturb you while working.

Creating the perfect home office setup is a great way to help with productivity and desk screens can inspire confidence and reduce distraction.

Blocking out surrounding noise can help with workflow allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Desk screens can also prevent glare from computer screens and windows, which will help to improve your concentration.

A desk screen is a great way to improve your concentration when working in an office or home office environment. They are easy to install, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are very easy to clean.

Top 10 Bestselling Desk Screens on Amazon

Best Selling 1
jxgzyy Desk Divider Acoustic Desktop Privacy Panel 100 x 30 cm Raw Clamp-On Acoustic Partition...
  • 【Noise Reduction And Visual Privacy 】Acoustic desk divider 100 x 30 cm can absorb most sound, providing a quieter working environment. And it can also minimize visual distractions between tables,...
  • 【Eco-Friendly And Curved Edge Design】Privacy table divider are manufactured by a sustainable polyester fiber, VOC-free and 100% recyclable. And the whole separator panel is laser cut, with smooth...
  • 【Clamp-on design And Freestanding】 Lightweight desktop privacy panel, Our desk screen simply sits on top of virtually any desk or table, eliminating the need for installation.And it is easy to...
Best Selling 2
Deflecto Space Saving Desk Accessories, 24" Store 'n' Screen Privacy Panel for Computer Screen,...
  • 📌 CLEVER DESIGN: Open-space offices can be busy environments filled with distractions. Privacy is valued when you are busy with work deadlines so having a privacy panel is a quick and affordable...
  • 📌 ELEGANT SOLUTION: This clever privacy panel fits any desktop screen and can be installed easily. Simply attach to the brackets on the back, and you've got privacy - no tools required. Soft...
  • 📌 SPACE SAVING: The Oasis is both a privacy screen and a storage solution. To optimise your workspace, file folders, planners, and other important items fit securely in the J shape. Hang optional...
Best Selling 3
SIYOMG Desk Dividers, 4 Pack 42 x 36 x 34.5 cm Classroom Privacy Shields with Name Labels, Plastic...
  • 【Quantity and Size】- The package includes 4 pcs plastic desk dividers for students, which is designed with white color, the large size 42 x 36 x 34.5 cm meets for daily needs and replacements. It...
  • 【Safety Materials】: The privacy shields for student desk are made of corrugated plastic, the material is sturdy and reliable, not easy to break and deform, providing service for a long time.
  • 【Improve Focus】- This classroom dividers partitions for kids come with additional multicolored labels for easier identification when placed on. It assists learners to improve their studying. Use...
Best Selling 4
ZHYX Desk Divider, Privacy Desk Panel, Protective Screen, U-Shaped splic, Multipurpose Foldable...
  • 1. Reinforced steel frame, strong and durable, strong load bearing and long service life. Easy to install, quick and easy to install. Place the entire partition in the card slot and place it on your...
  • 2. Multi-angle adjustment of direction, easy to use, free to move, meet various usage needs, high durability, hard to deform.
  • 3. Create a separate workspace to protect your privacy and reduce interference in public places.
SaleBest Selling 5
TOYANDONA Acrylic Desk Panel Office Divider Partition Tabletop Privacy Panel Acrylic Privacy Board...
  • Make of the high-quality PS Frosted Acrylic Material, Rugged and Durable.
  • Thick curved edge design, No injury your hand, thoughtful design, extend the long service life.
  • Easy to install, making it easy to attach to your desk. Save your time. But The office partitions are without clips, you need to buy it seperatly.
Best Selling 6
4-Pack Colorful Desk Privacy Dividers - for Student Testing and Easy Privacy Protection
  • 1. Privacy Protection: Our 4 Pack Classroom Desk Privacy Divider Panel is perfect for providing privacy in classrooms, libraries, offices, and more. Keep distractions at bay and create a focused...
  • 2. Easy to Assemble and Portable: With a foldable stand, our divider panels can be quickly set up and taken down for easy storage and portability. Perfect for on-the-go teaching or studying.
  • 3. Durable Material: Made of high-quality plastic, our divider panels are built to last. They can withstand daily use and are easy to clean, making them a practical and long-lasting solution for any...
Best Selling 7
SPEACOUR 2 PCS Desk Divider Clamp Screen Partition Clip Adjustable Desktop Privacy Panel Clip...
  • ●Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Material: The screen partition clip is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has good rust resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion...
  • ●Soft Rubber Pad: There are soft rubber pads on both inner sides of the clamping part of the office divider clamp bracket. It can not only protect the panel from impact and abrasion, but also clamp...
  • ●Punch-Free Design: Compared with most partition clamps, this screen partition clip comes with adjustable screws for adjustment, so there is no need to punch holes during installation. It not only...
Best Selling 8
NUOBESTY 3pcs Students Practical L Baffle Dividers Desk Size Use Dividing Partition Classroom...
  • SCHOOL PRIVACY FOLDER--In addition, we will also provide you with a good customer service, if you have any questions, we will answer you in time.
  • DESK PRIVACY PANEL--desk dividers are perfect to use for classroom dividers, study carrel, privacy screen, tests and offer privacy for student desks. Free standing office partition panels can also...
  • DESK DIVIDER--1pc Desk Divider Foldable Portable Desktop Baffle Desktop Partition Board Office Desktop Baffle for Students Office
Best Selling 9
Nisorpa Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider 40”x12” Raw Clamp-On Acoustic Partition Reduce Noise...
  • ➤【Noise Reduction & Visual Privacy】Nisorpa 40"x12" acoustical desk divider can absorb 85% of the sound, providing a quieter environment.And it can also minimize visual distractions between...
  • ➤【Eco-Friendly&Curved Edge Design】Cubicle privacy divider are manufactured by a sustainable polyester fiber,VOC-free and 100% recyclable.And the whole separator panel is laser cut, with smooth...
  • ➤【Customize Your Space】The tackable material lets you personalize your partitions.Pins can be pinned on dividers, put task lists,memos or favorite photos, bring beautiful environment and mood...
Best Selling 10
Desk Shelf Double Monitor Stand for Dual Screen Setup Walnut Wood Wide iMac Riser Wooden Large Desk...
  • PREMIUM TACTILE MATERIALS - Crafted from 15-ply Walnut Hardwood & Industrial Grade Aluminium, this monitor stand desk shelf boasts a sturdy construction that can comfortably stand 2 large heavy...
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR DESK REAL STATE - This wooden monitor stand shelf increases the usable space on your desk by up to 50%. You can assign each shelf as a home for your tablets or spare laptops so you can...
  • EXTRA PROTECTION - This grovemade monitor stand alternative features 2 Tier shelf compartment with soft merino wool padding to protect your phones and tablet from scratches. You can also complete the...


Desk screens are a great way to improve noise reduction and hygiene within an office or home office. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can find the perfect one for your needs. desk screens can be easily installed in minutes and cleaned with a simple wipe down. desk screens help to improve concentration by blocking out surrounding noise which will allow you to focus on the task at hand. desk screens can also help prevent germs from spreading within an office by blocking sneezes and coughs within the desk area. desk screens are a great way to improve workflow, hygiene, and productivity in any office or home office environment!

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